If you are facing the challenge of getting a medium size or large organization to start using performance measures, there is a great temptation to issue a mandate for all programs to start at once. Read more


 Collective impact

Collective Impact and RBA are a perfect fit. The idea of working togther to produce community "impact" is at the heart of both bodies of work. Read more


next generation contracting

Here is the long-promised (if not long-awaited) paper on a 10 part agenda for contract reform for funders and non-profits. This has received a very positive response everywhere Mark Friedman has presented Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. In it, you will find links to exemplary practice (at the end of the paper) Read more


Deitre Epps writes here about how community organisations nationwide are in search of methods that help them achieve measurable results for the children and families they serve. Read More



Diane Schilder (Harvard Graduate School of Education) has written this brief defining Results Based Accountability (RBA) as a management tool that can facilitate collaboration among human service agencies, as a method of decentralizing services, and as an innovative regulatory process and explores the components of RBA systems. The brief also shows how RBA can be developed and used at different levels: state, community, agency, or program. Read more


Extending on the LGAQ Project launched in 2011, this report outlines the aims of the LGAQ to support councils in developing better ways to understand and measure local community wellbeing, build a consistent statistical base, imrpove community planning and strengthen citizen involvement. Read more


Expanding the universe

Evidence-only policy actively discourages the idea of partnership and broad involvement of the community. If government funds only research proven practice, then the group of people who participate in the discussion is effectively reduced to the academic community that produced the research evidence. Read more


Phillip L.Lee writes here about how logic models are diagrams that explain how a program is supposed to work. A simple one page logic model can sometimes be a useful planning and communication tool. But many programs today are required to produce long complex logic models that explain program functioning in great detail. These logic models take a lot of time to produce and do not provide benefits commensurate with the effort. Read more




This project was undertaken to facilitate the development of RBA documentation to inform the Program Guidelines, and service specification templates for the new Early Intervention & Placement Prevention (EIPP) Program. Carolyn Quinn of C. Quinn Consultancy Pty Ltd was engaged to work with internal and external stakeholders for the development of Results Based Accountability documentation. Read more



Large-scale social change requires broad cross-sector coordination, yet the social sector remains focused on the isolated intervention of individual organizations Read more 


The latest paper released by the Victorian Dept of Planning and Community Development. Click here


This Topical Issue is discussed in the context of the critical role data can play in development scenarios when Aboriginal people are in control of collecting, managing and interpreting data. Read more


Click here - A discussion about emerging trend to measure wellbeing rather than just relying on previously determined definitions


Wellbeing Watch is the flagship report of the Hunter Valley Research Foundations (HVRF) wellbeing research program. The program looks at Hunter residents wellbeing with respect to their social, personal and economic circumstances. Read More  



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